Thursday, March 31, 2011

Come Listen to a Prophet of God

“We hope and we pray that there will continue to go forth to the world from this pulpit declarations of testimony and doctrine, of faith in the Living God, and of gratitude for the great atoning sacrifice of our Redeemer.”
—President Gordon B. Hinckley (1910–2008), 15th President of the Church
It's amazing to me that another 6 months has passed since the last General Conference where I had the privilege of listening to leaders of the church give spiritual guidance to me live at the Salt Lake City Conference Center. General Conference it one of my favorite times of year because it is a special opportunity for members of the church to gather together as a religious group and listen to the Lords chosen servants give us guidance for our day.
I can recall the first time that I was able to attend a live session of General Conference, I was a brand new missionary and was trying my best to take it all in. My trainer had told me all about live sessions and how wonderful they were. She told me that I needed to have questions in my mind that I wanted Heavenly Father to answer for me. I had to remember that these men were servants of the Lord and their words were inspired by God and would answer my questions. As I waited in the Conference Center the whole auditorium sounded like a beehive, busy with the sound of people talking one with another and going about finding seats to sit in. I was incredibly nervous and excited and my mind was a mess, I wondered,  how was I ever going to get the answers to my questions feeling like this. It was then that I immediately felt a calming spirit around me and a quiet hush fell into the room, and President Monson and his counselors walked into the room. It was at that moment that I felt a reassuring spirit tell me that if I focused on their words I would be able to find the answers that I sought for.
This experience has brought me closer to my Savior, knowing that His spirit was able to calm me down and testify to me that these men where His chosen servant to minister His word. Echoing President Hinckley's quote above, I was able to hear about the Living God and Jesus Christs great atoning sacrifice and give thanks in my heart for my abundance. I was able to learn more for myself what I needed to do at that point in my life. The questions that I had written on my paper were being answered right before me and it seemed as if those talks were written specifically for me. It was then I knew that God loved and knew us perfectly and wants us all to listen to his words. So it is my invitation to you all to come and listen to a prophets voice this weekend. If you have a testimony of a living prophet, strengthen it. If you don't have one yet, I invite you to listen and gain one. I know that if you go to conference with a question to be answered by Heavenly Father you will feel His love for you and you will also find those answers through the words of those called to speak. Come join me and other missionaries and members alike April 2-3 to hear what the Lord has in store for the world.

Conference will be held on
Saturday April 2 10AM-12PM  2PM-4PM
Sunday April 3    10AM-12PM  2PM-4PM

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  1. Sister Giang!

    This is wonderful, I love your blog, and I am going to share it with my non-member friends so they can see what a real full time missionary does. Thank you for your example and your dedication to serving the Lord. I love you!