Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An Ode to Mothers

I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a Stake conference for the Kalispell Stake in Montana. This is a semi annual meeting that the different congregations of the church hold to listen to the leaders of the area share spiritual thoughts. It was an amazing experience and one of the speakers shared a poem about mothers. It got me thinking about my own mother and how grateful I was for all the things she had done for me in my youth and even today as a grown adult. My mother is truly an amazing example of Christ like love and I'm thankful and indebted to Heavenly Father for allowing me to be raised by her. It was her example and teachings that prepared me to receive the restored gospel from the missionaries in my teenage years and will prepare me in my future as a mother. In light of mothers day being right around the corner I thought I would share the poem I heard.

A Mother’s Eyes Reflect the Love of Heaven
By Steven Jones
A mother’s eyes reflect the love of heaven.
A love borne long before this life began.
A love which grows each day, which will not fade away,
A love inspired by Heavenly Father’s plan.
A mother’s hands reflect a life of service,
A life of sacrifice for those she loves,
And with her giving hands she shapes the soul of man,
Prepares him for eternal life above.
A mother’s words teach children righteous living,
And her example leads them to the light,
She speaks the words of truth that guide their tender youth,
And points the course they take throughout their lives.
A mother’s life reflects itself in our life,
Her ways of living are ingrained in ours,
And through the changing years and days of joy and tears,
Her love will lead us on,
Her words will point the course,
Her hands will lift us up to God.

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